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The Bartlet

Introducing our residents - Joy Alsopp

When Joy Allsop’s husband passed away two years ago, she was left “rattling around” in a five bedroom Victorian house in Christchurch Park, Ipswich.

At 65, her three children had long since flown the nest to start families of their own.

And while Joy still had an active social life and a part time job organising medical conferences for a national charity, she wanted to find a more manageable property in which to enjoy her retirement years.

The Bartlet provided her with this opportunity – as well as a chance to live a little closer to some of her seven grandchildren.

“My son and four granddaughters live about five minutes walk away which is lovely,” she said. “I am not dependent on them in any way but equally, I know they are around if I need help.

“The Bartlet is a gorgeous development with a wonderful history.

“I've no idea whether it has improved my health living by the sea, but I am very happy to have a house that is easy to look after and is maintenance free.”

 Joy lived in Ipswich for 25 years before the move but said that she was not unfamiliar with Felixstowe.

In fact she lived there for 10 years when her children were at school and her husband ran his own marine engineering business in the Port. 

“I like the slower pace of life in Felixstowe and the ease with which I can park my car,” she said. “I also enjoy Felixstowe Ferry because it combines coast and country.

“Moving was a huge upheaval for me but I am thrilled now I am here.


“The Bartlet is my forever home and I don't envisage moving anywhere else.”