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The Bartlet

Cautley House under the spotlight

Last week Gipping Homes played host to Anglia TV and ITV correspondent Victoria Lampard.

Cautley House, historically known as The Bath Hotel set the scene for Wednesday’s six o’clock news segment, exploring the impact of suffragettes in the region during the early 20th century, and delving into the secrets of the once illustrious hotel along the way.

The starring roles of the piece went to Evaline Burkett and Florence Tunks, a pair of militant suffragettes who changed the face of The Bath Hotel forever when they set fire to the building on May 24th 1914.

Narrating the story were local historians Richard Moffat and Phil Hadwen, who shared their extensive knowledge of Felixstowe’s involvement in the women’s rights movement. Gipping Homes owner, Heather Blemings joined the crew also to discuss the privilege and difficulties involved in restoring The Bath Hotel, today known as Cautley House.

The British weather played its part in the drama too, as the rain clouds opened and the group found themselves hastily packing up cameras and lights and escaping to the safety, if not warmth, of the hotel’s old dining room which is currently in the middle of restoration by Gipping Homes.

Due to the release of the new motion picture ‘Suffragette’ starring Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter, monuments and buildings such as Cautley House are regaining some of the renown they gained in the early 1900s as the targets of militant suffragette attacks. 

Find out more about the night Evaline and Florence set their sights on The Bath Hotel via this link!