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The Bartlet

Meet the Butchers

Kathy Butcher, who was born and bred in Felixstowe, and her husband Rod, are returning to the place of Kathy’s roots. They have purchased a new home in Cautley House on Undercliff Road East, just a stone’s throw away from the North Sea.

The move is a dream come true for the couple, who have been married 26 years, as it allows Kathy to return home to the town where her mum still lives, and lets Rod fulfil his lifelong wish of living near the sea.

Rod, a Customer Experience Designer and an avid film enthusiast, told us that Cautley House had stood out to him as it “clearly had been designed with love and attention and care” and of course the sea view was a major attraction too.

The couple are looking forward to becoming fully immersed in the local community and attending Felixstowe’s community events such as the annual Book Festival and Art on the Prom. Kathy in particular is looking forward to walking their dog along the promenade, enjoying the sea breeze and watching the sun rise over the waves.