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The Bartlet

15 facts about Felixstowe...

1. Felixstowe is an Edwardian town once considered a popular spa resort for the wealthy.

2. The Felixstowe pier was once the longest in the UK and had its very own train.

3. The majority of the pier was purposely destroyed during the Second World War so that the Central Forces couldn’t use the pier to land or dock.

4. The town boasts of the largest container port in the UK.

5. Felixstowe’s Landguard Fort is the site of the last opposed invasion of England in 1667 and the first land battle of the Royal Marines.

6. Wallis Simpson hid out in Felixstowe while waiting for her divorce to be settled.

7. Felixstowe is home to 4 Martello Towers built to defend the shoreline from a Napoleonic invasion.

8. Remains of a woolly mammoth were found in 2009 amongst the pebbles on the seafront.

9. In mid-may every year Felixstowe holds a classic car show. 

10. Cautley House, previously known as The Bath Hotel, was once the target of militant suffragettes.

11. Felixstowe holds its very own book festival every year, oh and a carnival too!

12. The German Imperial family visited Felixstowe in 1891.

13. The small town is known affectionately as ‘The Garden Resort of East Anglia.’

14. Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club is one of the oldest in the UK.

15. One of the first pirate radio stations, Radio Caroline, operated from a ship anchored off Felixstowe between 1964-65.